Ageing is inevitable, but aesthetic treatments can help rejuvenate your face and restore a youthful look. Based in Barton Seagrave, Fresh Aesthetics specialises in a wide range of treatments for anti-ageing, wrinkles, dull skin, lost volume and other skin concerns. Our treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, dermaplaning, facials, microneedling and more.

With extensive experience and the latest technology, we can effectively refresh your skin! Whether you are struggling with fine lines or hyperpigmentation, our experts are happy to help. We are proud to offer a variety of treatments at reasonable prices. 

Aesthetics Treatment Barton Seagrave, Kettering

Fresh Aesthetics strives to offer high-quality aesthetic treatments in Kettering. If you are looking for safe treatments with visible results, you are in the right place. We have built an unparalleled reputation for providing reliable aesthetic treatment at competitive prices. 

Whether you are concerned about noticeable crow’s feet or signs of sun damage, allow us to provide you with a suitable aesthetic treatment. We specialise in anti-wrinkle injections, B-12 injections, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels and luxury facials.

We follow strict standards of safety and hygiene at our clinic. You can rest assured that all tools and equipment are thoroughly sanitised after every appointment. 

Aesthetics Treatment

Aesthetic treatments effectively rejuvenate your face in a natural-looking way. From smoothing rough skin texture to restoring lost volume, the right treatment can help you meet your specific aesthetic goals. At Fresh Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with safe, professional and latest treatments for a wide range of skin concerns.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Do you look in the mirror and notice rough skin texture and dull skin tone? If you have tried every over-the-counter cream and serum, but nothing seems to work, it’s time to explore professional aesthetic treatments. Fresh Aesthetics offers chemical peels that effectively improve skin texture, brighten skin tone and also reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Getting wrinkles and fine lines is natural, but can impact your self-esteem and confidence. Allow Fresh Aesthetics to rejuvenate your face with our anti-wrinkle treatments. Our qualified and experienced professionals administer anti-wrinkle injections that lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, eye area and other areas of your face.

Dermaplaning Treatment

If you are tired of ineffective physical exfoliators, consider trying a different and highly effective treatment for removing dead skin– dermaplaning. Fresh Aesthetics is a trusted specialist providing dermaplaning treatment in Kettering. This treatment removes dead skin to remove younger and brighter skin. Moreover, dermaplaning also allows better penetration of skin care products.

Microneedling Treatment

Whether you have active acne or had acne in the past, this skin condition can leave behind stubborn scars and hyperpigmentation. If you are looking to restore your skin’s tone and smooth texture, get in touch with Fresh Aesthetics. We specialise in microneedling, which is a highly effective treatment for minimising acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and other skin conditions.

Get in Touch

It’s easy to forget about taking care of your skin when you have a busy lifestyle. From wrinkles to acne, skin conditions can develop because of various factors. It’s time to give your skin a much-needed boost with Fresh Aesthetics. Treat your skin with suitable aesthetic treatments at reasonable prices. Contact us today to schedule a booking.

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